Monday, 9 April 2012

Nasty politics this Easter from the Nasty Party

On Good Friday, a shameful charter for bad employers came into effect - the right to unfairly sack people without legal consequence for two years.  All workers employed from Good Friday onwards will be covered by the new law.

Shameful timing from the clever Tories, burying the change while most families tuck into family meals and treats.

No employer needs two years to decide if somebody is upto the job or not.  I've never met an employer that thought they needed more than six months.  Even with full employment rights from day one in the job, it would still be lawful and relatively easy for an employer to dismiss somebody at any time on grounds of "capability" - all they need to do is follow a procedure.  The new law saves them that bother.

Rather than help the economy, this will stagnate it.  Right-wingers love to talk about risk-taking. But people with full-employment rights are now less likely to take those risks and move into new opportunities.  This will be as true of professional people as it will everyone else. A new job is a leap into the unknown.  As for everyone employed from Easter Friday onwards, they will have two years of feeling extremely insecure.  They will be even less likely to spend money and help the recovery.

This is a change in the law that works against natural justice, against the interests of the economy, but does serve the brutal ideological agenda of a new breed of super-rich, reactionary Tories who are intent on rolling-back every single social advance of the last 150 years.

So we could be forgiven for thinking this would be controversial.  A quick google search reveals two pages of firms of Solicitors reporting these changes for clients.  Search deeper, and it's clear that Unions have issued press statements but they have not been reported.  There are very few references to this assault on working people in mainstream media.

Depressingly, I was unable to find any comment from a politician.   Labour seem to be very reluctant to issue regular press statements that comment upon Government policy - a strange strategy for an opposition party...

This is not the end of the Employment Tribunal issue - the coalition is now "consulting" as to it's next steps - likely to include up-front fees for sacked workers before any claim can be registered. Consistent with other aspects of Tory thinking, this will hit the poorest and most vulnerable the hardest.

Champagne will be popped this Easter by our millionaire masters.  One of the many things they will be celebrating is just how easy it has been for them to attack the security of people in their work. This will provide them with great encouragement to go further...

I wish I hadn't put breakfast TV on this morning - now the public is being softened up over the "cost" of Britain having bank holidays!

It's obvious the media cannot be relied upon to alert the public to the nasty agenda of the nasty party. Now, as ever, it's down to ordinary people to do that. And without doubt, we have to up our game...and fast.

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