Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Molson Coors - "World Class"?

Molson Coors - "World Class"?

Unite members at Burton Brewery agree it’s right that Engineers are paid more than Technicians. After all, Engineers have additional skills that they have worked hard to learn.  The salary difference of a few grand is regarded by most as about right as a fair differential.

Molson Coors talk about being “world class”.
What is “world class” about the proposed new pay and grading structure?  What other “world class” company would have a pay differential of NINE GRAND between two grades of shop-floor workers?

What is “world class” about having a fair and proportionate difference in pay between Technician A and an Engineer, alongside Technician B grades who are miles behind? What is “world class” about being so unfair as to sicken your entire workforce?
Unite believes that there will be very little day to day difference between what "A" and "B" workers will be doing.  So far, we've not seen enough data to justify a differential of £900, let alone £9000!

Unite have made it crystal clear to management that this proposal is not reputable, and that our members will not tolerate it. Yet still they persist with it.
Management concede they don't really know how many "A"'s they will need in the future, and the initial 100 might have to be reduced. Further redundancies under it's "masterplan" are expected during the next two years.

However, management are at least able to add some re-assurance to the workers:
"We currently have no plans to reduce the salary level of the proposed Technician A's"

In a word……disgraceful.

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