Tuesday, 14 May 2013

More on the *SHOCKING* shift proposals at #burtonbrewery

Here is some more info on the *SHOCKING* shift proposals at Burton Brewery :

Random Shifts throughout the year, no pattern.
Shift plan can change at 23 hours’ notice.
Rostered in holidays, no bookable holidays.
Would need to swap with someone from another shift to get days off that you want.
On call every day ‘off’, with call out in the first hour of the shift, to cover that shift.
Only ‘burn’ the hours that you attend work, not the full shift.
‘Planned’ extra shift or shift change at 23 hours’ notice.
No fixed shift start times.
If you do not respond to a call out, this will be treated the same as if you do not attend work on a rostered shift.
Only twenty seven nominated days where you are free from call out or work, three of which are used for Christmas day, Boxing day, and New Year’s day!
Loss of overtime as you will be called in to cover extra shifts from your banked hours.
No guarantee of a two week block of holiday.
No payments for being on-call
Will be working or on-call over 90% of the time

All negotiated shift payments are for specific shifts.  All shift payments are directly threatened by the proposed shift rules, as everyone either will or could be working to their own individual, random and ever changing shift pattern.  What would the payment be?  Management do not appear to have even thought of this.

Under these radical proposals, day workers could be asked to work night-shifts at 23 hours notice!
Under these radical proposals, shift workers could be put onto days, 23 hours before a 2 week shutdown!

We currently have 2 years pay protection when shift pay is reduced. Under the company proposal, there is no pay protection. Just 23 hours notice of a change, with no limit to how many changes there can be in any year.

Unite's solicitors believe the shift rules are probably unlawful, and fear the proposals take away workers right to a private and family life.

The proposal is an “on-call” system.  On-call patterns normally attract substantial additional payments. There is no proposal to offer additional payments.

Negotiations Update

Unite has been sharply critical within the media of the company proposal that all members may be contactable during annual leave. The company have issued a media statement denying that they have proposed this. We have asked the company to clarify it’s position.  I have now been told by Molson Coors that this requirement is not part of it’s proposals.  In response, I have queried why this is part of the Shift rules, and why this requirement has been briefed out to all 455 workers in the negotiated group.   As a result of Unite pressure, I now have a letter from the company confirming that the requirement to be available during annual leave has been removed from the proposals.  No movement has been made in respect of the other aspects of the shift proposals.

I believe that members will say NO to this nonsense. I believe they will say YES to industrial action in the ballot.

Ballot closes 28th May

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