Wednesday, 8 May 2013

"PEOPLE" - Unite newsletter, Molson Coors #burtonbrewery


People say to me, "those pay cuts at the's £9000 between them isn't it".

I have to explain that for 184 people, I'm afraid it's £9000 EACH. And people are shocked.  Sometimes they tut.  Sometimes it's a shake of the head.  But mostly, people turn a ghostly white and go silent as they try to take in the enormity of what they’ve just learned.

I sometimes add, “Oh, and they also want to be able to ring them during their holidays, at any time, to ask them to come in at 23 hours notice”.  And people are stunned. But sometimes people laugh, because they assume I’m joking.

And people then don’t know what to say.  But sometimes the eyes betray the contempt for Molson Coors that they are feeling.

Often, people will wish us well. News of the sheer extremity of this proposal has already attracted national attention.  It’s so severe, I know it won’t be long before people in other countries start to contact us to offer support.

People cannot comprehend any family having NINE THOUSAND POUNDS or similar taken away from them.

People are deeply sad that we live in a world where one of the richest corporations in the world is choosing to do this to it’s loyal Burton workforce.

And our people – the good people of the negotiated group, are deeply saddened by the callous ruthlessness of Molson Coors.  The majority of our people are dedicated, flexible workers who have given everything to the company.

The majority of our people have always felt a deep pride at working at Burton Brewery.  Our people remain proud of this fantastic brewery.

But sadly, the people that run Molson Coors and Burton Brewery are not the custodians of decency and fairness that this great British institution deserves.

Yet decency still runs strong within the Burton Brewery. It’s held together by every member of the Unite Trade Union. Our values of fairness, justice and togetherness will guide us through this frightful, vicious attack.

ALL of our people shall defend themselves and one another at this time, for a great and profound wrong is being committed by Molson Coors.

We WILL fight that wrong. We will defeat that wrong. We are the decent. We are Unite.

Rick Coyle                                                                                     
Regional Officer                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Text taken from a Unite newsletter, issued at Burton Brewery April 15th 2013                                                                  

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