Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The maths behind the #burtonbrewery dispute

There are 225 workers facing an extreme pay cut - of around the value of a house over ten years.

Unite represent a 455 strong group of Operatives, Technicians and Engineers.

So this is just over 49% of the workers who are in this frightening situation.

We believe that somebody somewhere said, "You will be alright so long as you don't attack more than half."   Greed then dictated that the business attacked as deeply as it dared within that remit.  Hence where we are now...a proposal to take the value of a house away from 49% of the workers.

Of 284 Technicians, 184 will become "Technician B" and lose £9000 per year.  Basically, they would be doing the same job as now, alongside the 100 "Technician A" colleagues who will maintain the same salary and continue to do basically the same job.

Under the company proposal, 41 Inventory Control and Warehouse workers will have similarly extreme pay cuts imposed. 

The ballot for strike action closes on May 28th.  I believe that Molson Coors has underestimated this workforce - we shall soon see.

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