Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What Molson Coors are doing to it's Warehouse Operatives at #burtonbrewery

Only eighteen months ago, the company reduced starter rates for new entrants. For both Warehouse and Inventory Control, this was a collective agreement with Unite that this could happen - strictly on the written understanding that existing pay rates would not be reduced in the future.

These two written agreements are now being threatened. Molson Coors - the worlds "family brewer" - is breaking it's promises to these workers....and is doing so spitefully.

The company propose that FLT drivers in the Warehouse will have pay reduced by £8202.00. Over a ten year period, including inflation, this amounts to a reduction in members household income of around £90,000.  Within the Burton and Swadlincote area, this is the value of a family home.  Members in Inventory Control face a salary reduction of £7000 – a proposal that is equally sickening, and for each worker is worth around £80,000 to the company over ten years.

Inventory control work both four and three shifts. Under the shift proposal they could be swapped from four to three or four to three without any compensation.

Members could have their shift start times changed when keg or can/bottle production start times are changed, possibly meaning starting at 02.00 am Monday morning. On nights the Warehouse could also be told not to start until….whatever time they say that day - giving the company however many hours in the bank while workers sit by the phone waiting to be called in.

Pensions would be immediately cut upon implementation of the pay cuts, expected any time after June 14th.  The company are refusing to offer pensions help, despite our site agreement that states that all pay is protected for two years in the event of a reduction.

The impact upon future redundancy payments will also be severe.  The company do not deny that further redundancies are planned in the short to medium term. 

The proposed loss of the two-year buy out is a massive issue. It means workers can be given 23 hours notice to move onto days, onto shifts, or onto different shifts, with no compensation or pay protection.

Workers have been told they face being dismissed if they don't agree to the changes by June 14th.

There is no reason why a super-rich multi-national like Molson-Coors cannot keep the specific promises it has recently made to these forty-one workers at Burton.

In a word....disgraceful.

Unite have recommended members vote YES to strike action.

Ballot closes 28th May.

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