Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why #burtonbrewery Engineers are voting for action

Two-year pay protection for shift pay is a fundamental term and condition of Engineers employment.  It is highly valuable contractual term.
Unite believes that it’s high value is the reason that Molson Coors are proposing to take it away from it's Engineers.

There is no proposal for any compensation for the loss of the two-year buy-out. 
The company proposal will make Engineers considerably worse off. The ability to plan personal and family lives could potentially be completely destroyed by the radical demands of the shift-proposals.
Changes to shifts will require just 23 hours notice.  There is no compensation proposed for any loss of shift pay resulting from any change to your hours.
Engineers are aware of the company proposal to create Technician A and B grades.
Unite have also had a letter – outside of this proposal, stating the company desire to create a new role of "Multi-skilled Engineer."   Molson Coors do not believe it would be necessary for them to pay a higher salary to these workers that it already pays to the existing Engineers.  Unite perceive that this constitutes a threat to the salaries of Engineers in the future.
All Engineers are also “at risk” of being sacked as part of the 90 day consultation. All Engineers could be subject to individual consultation with a view to having the inferior new terms and conditions imposed upon them. Management confirm that this process could involve the individual  dismissal of each Engineer, with possible re-engagement upon inferior terms & conditions of employment. Bosses say all 455 workers will be sacked unless we agree changes with them by June 14th.
Burton Brewery cannot operate without it’s Engineers.  The Engineers deserve better.

I believe Engineers will send a clear message that this proposal is totally unacceptable – and will vote YES to industrial action.

Ballot closes 28th May

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