Monday, 2 September 2013

The deliberate increase of insecurity at work, and how we can end it.

The "right" to give up your employment rights for shares is now law.

This is just a small part of a package of changes designed to make people easy to fire.

If you started your job after 6th April 2012, you now have to wait two years for most employment rights.

This means that a growing army of workers are at risk of being bullied, abused and threatened at work, but with little legal remedy available to them.

The Tories want to go further - much further.  The Tory Chairman wants firms to be able to sack anybody for any reason, with a "package" to be paid in the event, and no legal options available. He has complained it too hard to sack people and that he actually believes it is necessary for employers to tell lies during the dismissal process.

A tribunal claim now costs £1250, putting justice outside the reach of low and middle income workers not in a union.  Appeals are even more expensive (around £1600).  If you lose, costs of upto £20,000 can be awarded against the worker.

Witness expenses will no longer be paid.

Union solicitors will no longer be able to cross examine the employers witnesses.  Witness statements will be "taken as read".

The panel of three ( including one from a union background ) has been replaced by a Judge sitting alone.

What maximum you can win has been slashed.  It's now capped at one years salary, having previously been over £70,000 for an unfair dismissal.

Most people don't know what TUPE is.  But if they did, they would be horrifed that the Tories are "consulting" about doing away with it. This will make profits greater for the vultures circling over the thousands of contracts available for running our schools and hospitals.

The Tories understand perfectly well that workers may wish to kick back against all of this.   So they are making it much harder to do that.  Unions and charities are about to be gagged with a nasty, undemocratic new law.  Meanwhile the Right continues to make it's case for hostile new laws to make it even harder to take strike action

When will it all end?

That is an easier question to answer.   This attack will only end with the restoration of a Labour government.

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