Friday, 17 October 2014

Local coalition of unions &campaigners call on MP's for Burton & Swad to declare their positions on TTIP

Dear Editor

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a so-called ‘free trade’ deal currently being negotiated by the EU and US. This deal will give big business more power over our society, our environment, our public services, and our democracy.

The major focus of TTIP is reducing ‘non-tariff barriers to trade’. In practice, this is likely to mean slashing rules and regulations introduced by democratic processes to reign in corporate power. The aim of this deal is to open up new markets for corporations. While proponents argue that this will mean more jobs and growth, there is little evidence for this. In reality, TTIP will mean more profits and power for wealthy corporations, with potentially disastrous consequences for the rest of us.
The agreement will take away the ability of member states to decide what sectors remain in public hands.

TTIP opens up new sectors to the perils of privatisation and the markets and this includes our NHS.
East Staffordshire Trades Council is calling on local MPs to declare their positions on TTIP and to pressure the Prime Minister David Cameron to exercise his power of Veto to ensure that the NHS is left out of TTIP.


Paul Walker - Chair East Staffordshire Trades Council
William Walker -Vice Chair East Staffordshire Trades Council
Rick Coyle - Unite Regional Officer
Jon Wheale - Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Burton and Uttoxeter
Cheryl Pidgeon - Labour Parliamentary Candidate for South Derbyshire
Barry Downey -Fire Brigades Union National Executive Council Member for the West Midlands
Richard Williams – Fire Brigades Union Staffordshire Brigade Secretary
Peter Goulden – Fire Brigades Union Regional Treasurer and Treasurer of East Staffordshire Trades Council
Stephanie Foster – Unite the Union
Phil Salt-Unite - Burton Brewery Branch
Chris Fletcher-Unite Burton Brewery Branch
Steve Adcock-Unite Burton Brewery Branch
Unite Argos Branch
Burton RMT
Gareth Studden - Cancer Not For Profit Campaigner
Mick Casey - Secretary East Staffordshire Trades Council
Keith Venables - Derbyshire SOS NHS
Christine Jordan - Derbyshire SOS NHS
Andrew Bettridge -The Labour Party
Craig Jones - Secretary Burton and UttoxeterLabour Party
Cillr Peter Davis - Labour
Philippa Saddington - National Union of Teachers (NUT)
Bob Saddingtion - NUT Retired Member
Bill Upton - RMT Burton Branch Secretary
Ken Usher - RMT Regional Organiser
Steve Elsey - Staffordshire UNISON Branch Secretary
Andy Bently - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUS) Staffordshire Organiser
Paul Giles - Cancer Not For Profit Campaigner
Frank Keogh - Unite Regional Officer
Trudie McGuinness - Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Staffordshire Moorlands and Cancer Not For Profit Campaigner.
Chris Sheldon - Derbyshire CWU Branch Secretary
Richard Duffy - C/O National Health Action Party Stafford/Staffordshire
Mr and Mrs MC Gregory-Cancer Not For Profit Campaigners
Cllr Maureen Bowen-Secretary USDAW West Midlands Sainsbury’s

 * This letter was sent to the Burton Mail on 10th October.  They have not printed it. The letter is now being shared on social media and distributed in local workplaces.

* Edit - the following article was published in the Burton Mail on 18th October

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