Saturday, 7 May 2016

GP has refused to write a report for an employer

This is rare problem, but not a funny one if it happens to you!

I've been helping a worker on long-term sick, who is hoping to return to work soon on greatly reduced hours.  The idea is that these can be gradually increased.

Of course, few employers will go along with this without seeing medical evidence.  As expected, the employer wrote to the GP, asking pointed questions.

After a few weeks, the worker was asked by HR to go and see the GP "to hurry things along."

The GP appointment did not go well.

"Will you please answer the questions my employer has sent you? I'm being pressured about it."
"Do you really think I have the time to be bothering writing reports for employers?  I'm here to give advice to patients, not employers."

When pressed, the GP made it clear that he had no intention of cooperating with any of this.

There is no legal requirement for a GP or consultant to write a report or answer questions.

The quickest and easiest thing to do is to see another GP.  The new GP, of course, will not be so familiar with the issues but at least will be able to see the medical history.  Another option is to ask the reluctant GP to put the reasons for refusal into writing.

I can see that this problem would even trickier when it's a hospital consultant that is refusing to help. Thankfully, that's not something I've come across...

I've even had a few consultants ring me and ask what I want writing in the report!

Luckily for this worker, the HR department is being reasonable and more time is being allowed without further disciplinary steps being taken.  I'm hoping that the next GP will be more helpful....

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