Saturday, 21 May 2016

I just love it when employers forget they have suspended somebody!

It happens.  I've dealt with this four or five times during recent years.

The first time I experienced it remains my favourite!  Most workers don't enjoy being suspended, but this man loved it....

A 72 year old security guard was invited to a dismissal meeting for threatening a colleague in the car park after work.  It didn't look good.

I learned that the man he threatened had been calling him "tick Irish b*****d".

A grievance was raised complaining of discrimination.  We argued that as the grievance was linked to the disciplinary, natural justice dictates that the dismissal hearing must wait until the matter was investigated and heard.

It took the employer months to investigate.  A number of investigation meetings were held, at which we provided additional details that also required investigating.

To cut a long story short.....there were no meetings after the first nine months.

After twelve months, we guessed we'd been forgotten about.  My member took a full time job with a different employer.  Of course, he remained suspended on full pay!

In total, this man was suspended for a total of twenty-nine months before the employer noticed that they'd forgotten him! Of course, that meant he received two full time salaries for seventeen months!  The guy would regularly ring me, brimming with delight, joking that he was the best paid security guard in the country.

When they did eventually call us in, the senior manager was angry. As he spoke, he became more and more angry. The angrier he got, the funnier I thought everything was. My body was shaking as I tried to suppress loud laughter.

"The guy you threatened doesn't work here anymore, and besides, we've left it too long to do the disciplinary hearing.  We are left with no option but to uphold your grievance and get you back to work from next Monday. This is not our finest hour."

Then he looked at me, "Now you......get to hell out of here.  I hope I never see you again."

I giggled some more.  My shaking hands were covering my face by this point,

"DOOR!" he yelled. He was pointing to the door.

The pair of us shuffled out and laughed our way to the pub.

I haven't named the employer.  After all, I wouldn't want to cause G4S any embarrassment.

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