Saturday, 2 July 2016

Secured win for drivers...but feel sad

Two months back, a driver told me he'd had his hours cut from 40 to 30 pw.  No conversation, no consultation, just a note on the board informing all ten drivers.  The cut was with immediate effect.

I wasn't that surprised, as charities can be awful employers.

It's taken a long time. but finally this week the grievance hearing was heard.  At first sight, it looks like I helped secure a rosy ending:

* The mans hours have been restored to 40.
* Full back pay is agreed, so that the man hasn't lost a penny.
* The employer has decided to extend this result to the other nine drivers, who are not union members.

Normally, something like this would keep me going all week.

But this vital charity is suffering the effects of the cuts.  It's just lost a third of it's revenue, as the council has been forced to slash financial support.  It's a brutal cut, implemented without phasing.

So cuts to these workers hours and pay are still a possibility...although I'm sure management will do things properly next time.

Charities are suffering savage cuts in the Burton area, and very few people seem to know about it.  I understand that over 40 charities have been hit, with many of them providing vital services to vulnerable and elderly people. I will be talking to East Staffs TUC to see what can be done to change this. I also want to look deeper into this so that I better understand the scale of the crises.  Efforts are also underway to create a Unite Community branch in Burton.

Edit: have just dealt with a Burton charity worker who is expected to give about 10 hours unpaid overtime each week. This charity is financially secure.  The contract of employment states that they can do this.  They have been insisting that they can do this.  I've emailed the Unite member some advice, which she has shown management.  In a nutshell, I've said that a contract of employment cannot override there must be payment (at least the minimum wage) for the hours worked. The employer has backed down.  Don't feel sad about that one!

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